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Smart bus & Wisdom travel
A new generation of Internet application technology
600 million potential users
Win-win technology and sustainable smart bus has brought us countless users.
Open platform
Support for various applications and third-party development.
Big data support
Cloud data platform for data mining, providing real-time data information
Subversive creation 10=1?
Integrate all functions of the bus and fully realize the concept of integration
Smart bus terminal

Long-range wireless update advertising program

WIFI / 2G / 3G / 4G multiple wireless communication options

Remote monitoring of equipment health

Related to time, location-related, sub-line personalized advertising settings

No dead ends in the car video surveillance video
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Honorary Award
Honor is our driving force
Trademark Registration Certificate
Utility model patent certificate
Smart bus app v1.0
IP01 IMX6-Android-4G Driver Software
IP02 linux-based battery management driver software V1.0
IP03 speaker software V1.1
IP04Android- wisdom bus APP software V1.0
Comprehensive smart bus solutions
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